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    Review: Home Theater Shack

    I would not mind some suggestions to possibly improve our site. I have been somewhat concerned about the number of graphics we display on our home page and main forum page, but we do allow members to turn off the right column. However, visitors do not get this option, so I wonder if it might turn some off. Then again, we gotta pay the bills, so it would be difficult to cut out any banner advertising. Nonetheless, maybe we can get some recommendations on functionality and/or navigation... suggested add-ons/modifications, etc.


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    That's a really great resourse about movies, cartoons etc. General design, layouts are great. The content very informative.
    There is only one thing I doubt if banners on the top are fine! )))
    Good luck,
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    i like your site keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by FokeBox View Post
    There is only one thing I doubt if banners on the top are fine! )))
    Yeah, the top banner is missing something, (may be it should be elongated to cover the blank area). Its just my opinion.

    Very good work with the site.

    Best of luck.

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