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    Colocation Hong Kong

    Hello community,

    at present I'm looking for colocation in Hong Kong - are there any recommendations for the following providers:

    * Pacnet
    * Sunny Vision
    * HKNet
    * NTT

    Reliable network and power uptime are more important than price for me.

    Also I'm interested if the shared bandwidth offers are suitable or often overbooked. Traffic consuption is expected to be 500 GB max. / month (with ~35% international and 65% local).

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions !

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    I can't comment on facility quality, but NTT network is always great for us. If you can house your servers inside them, I believe you will be happy.

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    Also I'm interested if the shared bandwidth offers are suitable or often overbooked.
    They are of course oversold, otherwise they could not be so cheaply priced in Asia.
    Rule of thumb is you get more "dedicated" (as in more shared bw for less users) at 10Mbit shared ports than at 100Mbit.

    HKNet is a very nice Network, especially for local peering.
    NTT is good for foreign traffic but misses a few peers in HK, Pacnet is "the allrounder" and Sunnyvision is "the cheap one".

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    Thanks a lot for the quick replies !

    I found two more whereas not quite sure if the meet all my criteria:

    * DYXnet
    * PacHosting

    DYXnet seems to operate their own network whereas PacHosting offers shared 2 GB local/400 MB international (via REACH, NTT, Telstra, PACNET, China Telecom, China Netcom).

    Are there any customers out there that can tell me about speed and reliability of these datacenters ?

    Thank you very much !

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    Dyxnet is not so bad, but they have contention issues.
    PacHosting... never used, but i see them in our peering table so they seem to be good peered locally at least.

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    Try Singapore it's the cheapest to host there.

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    How about China VPS providers?

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    China,HeNan province


    Quote Originally Posted by robertrade View Post
    How about China VPS providers?
    If you host website in China Mainland, be sure you have ICP license first, otherwise you Domain will be blocked;

    80 port also blocked, you can not open your website by IP


    foreigner can not get ICP license, because you do not have Citizen id card of China.or The company business license
    if you do not host website, it's Ok, if you want do, never come to China.

    We Chinese wants go out always...

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