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    What is cloud hosting and dedicated hosting?

    Hello frinds,

    I m new in server management. 5 month ago i started reseller hosting from hostgetor. But i want to know cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Please tell me, what is cloud hosting and dedicated hosting and what's then difference both hosting.

    Thank You

  2. Thread Summary The OP wants to know what cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are, and the differences between the 2.

    The discussion that follows gives generalized opinions. Some more detailed than others. But none can be as detailed as our Web Hosting Wiki that contains pages covering both.

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    (true)cloud hosting involved distributing processing power, memory and disk space across multiple servers, or nodes. A typical "cloud hosting" company will offer you a virtual server with its resources distributed across multiple nodes, which means increased resilience, high availability and fault tolerance.

    dedicated hosting simply refers to a physical server somewhere you can rent. You have root access to all the resources of that particular server.

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    When your site is on cloud hosting, then you will be able to have access to multiple servers and not a single one. You can also add any number of servers and scale up as you wish. This is one of the major advantages of this hosting.

    As the name says, dedicated hosting allocates an entire server to your website and not on sharing basis with the others.You will have full control over your server.

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    Cloud hosting is configured through multiple/many servers while a dedicated hosting is from a single physical server.

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    Hi, According to my opinion cloud hosting is better than dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative Cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. It has benefits like no single point of failure, website growth flexibility, and lower pricing.

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    some key benefits of cloud computing over dedicated are:

    -Redundancy (resrouces spread across many servers (nodes)
    -Scalability (up and down)
    -Pay-as-you-go (only pay for the resources you need, when you need them)
    -Self-provisioning (launch new vm's on the fly in minutes (no waiting)

    Keep in mind that you typically pay a premium for these capabilities compared to dedicated servers. The 'best' solution depends on the needs of a specific project/demand.
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    Dedicated hosting is when you have an entire server dedicated to your site. So it is the opposite of shared hosting. You are the only website on your server. Cloud hosting allows you to use resources as and when you need them. Your site will have access to these when required. You pay for whatever you are using at any particular time. It is useful for sites that have fluctuating traffic levels.

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    I personally think that cloud hosting has been overhyped. It has become such a buzz word, but is it really worthy of all the talk? Even among your regular Joe Soap? Probably not. It is a neat new service, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoTheFox View Post
    I personally think that cloud hosting has been overhyped. It has become such a buzz word, but is it really worthy of all the talk? Even among your regular Joe Soap? Probably not. It is a neat new service, though.
    It's definitely worth the hype, and it's the future of hosting. Cloud hosting will lose it's buzz word value in a few years when it's just normal hosting.
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    Cloud hosting seems the most obvious choice for your hosting requirements. Sharing the resources of many servers, it offers a dynamic and highly scalable form of hosting that will grow with your business.

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    If you have a dedicated server, and a typhoon knocks down your datacenter, you will probably have some downtime.

    However, some cloud providers backup data in multiple cities, so if your box dies in a disaster, you can immediately respawn somewhere else.

    Also, with dedicated servers, you must deal with hardware issues such as the occasional fried power supply, or locked up hard drive.

    I used to know some advantages to dedicated, but I can't remember at the moment.

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    I guess this question may sound stupid, but I did look into it at one time, I believe it was with Geek Host or Green Host or Site Cloud. The thing is this, is it actually possible to have dedicated IP's and root access in Cloud Hosting.

    The answer I would imagine hearing is that you have one "home base" server which is where you log in and upload all your files to, while the "actual pages themselves" get "redundantly duplicated" throughout the "Cloud".

    I am not quite sure if the Typhoon Knocking over the data center is the real test of the cloud, I think that the particular instance of the cloud (lets say where your Cron Back-ups reside) may be a lot more localized than Cloud Hype would lead you to believe.

    BTW: BTW, Whatever we know the Cloud is or is not, I am definitely heavily invested in it from the point of view of domains!

    Does anyone consider when they have what they believe is a real cool domain, like does it make sense to keep it under wraps for a while? Or should one develop a website around it even if its not the greatest website?

    See you in the clouds.

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    Cloud hosting is a web hosting service delivered from a group of connected servers. They are scalable. On the other hand, a dedicated hosting is the renting of a server from a web hosting provider. The server is not shared by anyone else, which affords the operator complete control of the machine.

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    If you are developing a complex website or web application and you want to save costs while shortening time to development and deployment, and don't want to manage the infrastructure yourself, the cloud is a good alternative. An important reason is that there are a lot of cloud services which you can use off-the-self, which reduce development time, such as cloud CDN, database as a service, platform as a service, etc.

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    Thanks for sharing a lot regarding hosting!

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    Cloud hosting, especially, has a tendency to mean whatever the provider offering the service decides it to be. Some offer a standard VPS set up based on one physical host divided up using software such as KVM/OpenVZ/XenSource etc. This offers none of the redundancy that other cloud providers using systems like OnApp or some enterprise offerings that use VMware or Citrix XenServer, but is much much cheaper.

    True cloud hosting is resilient to failures in individual hardware or network systems, and in theory should be distributed physically between locations. It's much more expensive to set up and the prices reflect that, but it is also far more powerful.

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    Cloud hosting is the delivery of hosting and storage capacity as a service to a community of end-recipients. The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud hosting entrusts services with a user's data, software and computation over a network.

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    Cloud hosting is dependent on multiple nodes. If any of node goes down then your website still is up by using another nodes.
    Like If we make cloud using Node A, B and C and suddenly Node B is down then the load is balanced to the Node A and C and your services will be serve continues from these nodes...

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