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    Bounce Rate on website

    My friend says they are getting a bounce rate of about 48-49% when people visit the homepage for their site: (about half of the visitors just leave and do not enter the website)

    I was thinking if anyone had any ideas as to what may the cause of this (I think it may just be that they have an Enter Site link).

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    Whenever I see a "click to enter" page, and it is not a content warning (over 18 and such) I always think of this (picture from theoatmeal).

    Also, why is there a music player poping up? I never asked for music! Why?

    Music effects are irritating.

    The Art is very nice, but it takes to long to get there.

    Why do I have to fill in my email address just to get a brochure? No thanks! Just load the brochure and ask if they want to subscribe.

    Remove the "enter site" page and just go to the meat of the site already!!!

    Hope that helps.
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    The music player will cause a definite high bounce.
    Not everyone likes Wu Tang.

    Quote Originally Posted by _GMF_ View Post
    Whenever I see a "click to enter" page, and it is not a content warning (over 18 and such) I always think of this (picture from theoatmeal).
    Do you see a lot of those?

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    Oh Yeah, drop that annoying music popup.
    Kept popping up every time I clicked on something like you are trying to force me to listen to the soundtrack.

    And dump the "Enter Site" and put some content on the home page instead.

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    I'm not saying I don't like the music but you definitely should remove it. Just because if I went on a site and heard lamb of god I would leave immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exerox View Post
    Do you see a lot of those?

    Yes I have, everybody has. The Internet is the biggest source of porn so EVERYONE has at least seen one..

    I have seen hundreds and hundreds of pages that have some sort of a "click to enter" page, that does not help you in any way. You do not know what you will see at the site, it could be anything. A shop, a blog, a forum etc... It is annoying.

    It is like you have a shop and when people enter, there is another door with a huge "Welcome" pasted over the wall and another door. Why?

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    It's obvious and been mentioned...

    After someone jumps through the enter site hoop and gets mad that their speakers just blared out music they didn't ask for, they then get what is basically a blank page. Your first page has to grab the visitor's attention. by having a blank page with 2 links for brochure and whatever else, you now have a 3rd place you will lose visitors at.

    1. get rid of the click to enter site crap
    2. get rid of the music player
    3. make the first page GRAB the visitor's ATTENTION!

    Do those things and you will see a big change in bounce rate.

    The site has some awesome artwork, USE it to make people want to view the rest of the site. By hiding it, you fail to use the selling point you have.

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    Music should go and make this the first page with some useful information. I did not know where it was located until I got to the "contact us" page. Think of the SEO opportunities of attaching martial arts to the city.

    Also did you notice how some words seem to meld together in the text. I am not sure if it is an issue of the font being used, but it happens a lot in the text in the academy/index.asp page.

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