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    Help me ! Can I trust

    I am going to sign up with m2host .Can I trust them.

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    Here is what I could find:

    WHT Post:

    They seem to get a lot of traffic in to their site as Google has added important links when searching for them on google..

    Hope this helps.

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    Ok thanks.What About mochahost

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    You can do a bit of research on your own to determine if you can trust a host.

    For example, do they have a number listed on their website that you can call them at? Is this whois information freely available, rather then using whois proxy services? You can check whois information at Are they a registered business (LLC, etc). Do they have a snail mail address they can be reached at? Things like these can go a decent way to determine if you can "trust" the provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimiya View Post
    I am going to sign up with m2host .Can I trust them.
    Personally I have never heard of them. However one thing I do not like is when you do a whois on they're domain name, the contact details are blocked.

    How did you first hear of m2host?
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    Haven’t heard of them either and a blocked WHOIS is definitely something to be weary of.

    As for your other host you are looking at; here was a review I found for you on Google. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    I also understand this problem , thanks all

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