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    buy server in CA or UK

    my budget is around $120/mo. i need a server in canada or in UK with no down time!
    i do not want buy from iweb for some reasons,
    my requirements :
    2gb ram
    160gb hdd
    1tb bw
    3-5 ip
    plesk 100 domain


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    I think that your budget is reasonable. Did you check in the offer section? I'm sure that you will find something interesting.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
    Managed Hosting Solution|24/7/365 Support
    Datacentar and servers location: Holland, Europe

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    UK is expensive but you can get easy in USA

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    Your budget isn't very high for a dedicated server, but have you considered looking at BurstNet or OVH? They have budget priced dedicated servers that may actually meets your needs.
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    283, you can't go wrong with them in CA, their prices are much cheaper than what they show in the site, just search the offers section or contact them from more details.
    I don't know about UK, never had a server there.
    Any reason why UK or CA ? I can't find a relationship between both locations!

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    Like the previous responder said : netelligent is a good choice in Montreal. Not sure if you will find a server in your price range thought. You should search for a server in Montreal and you should find one in your price range quite easy

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