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    biginers guide to web design??

    hi guys, I'm after some help. I've designed a few sites using web design software but wish to get in to it more.

    Do I need to learn script? or could I just carry on building sites with site building software? Also the software I used wasn't the best can any one recommend some or routes to take on this matter?

    Thank you in advance for any replies!

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    First of all you need to decide your focus area in Web Design & Developement.

    Few years back the trend was like, a web designer does layout designs in photoshop and use any html tool (Eg: Dreamweaver) to create HTML files or hand code them. That means a designer used to design and develop html web pages.

    Now, the time has changed and there are 2 groups of people evolved: Designers & Web Developers:

    Their focus is completely on the latest design trends, Usability, Accessability. Wireframing, User research, etc. They just design layouts and User Interface elements in Photoshop and pass on the design files to web developers.

    Web Developers:
    These guys are more focussed on creating XHTML, CSS , AJAX versions of the designs done in Photoshop. You need to develop your scripting skills to do this job well.

    So, depends on your interest, you can be a Designer or Web developer or both.

    Let me know if I have not answered you what you expected.


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    Thanks for the replies guys really a great help!

    So if I were to get in to it I would need to learn photo shop and script?

    I got a book out the library today CS4 explained so I shall have a look and see if i've got it in me.

    What about site building tools?? Are they any good? I've built a couple of sites using these and they look ok I think. Is there a good one on the market that would mean I wouldn't need to learn script?

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