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    Authorize.Net Down?

    I just got a call from a customer who says that Authorize.Net is down and has been for about 5 hours; I can't pull up either or Does anyone know if they have an offsite status page or Twitter feed?

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    Yes, it is very much down - I can't get through to their support numbers, either.
    Just in case you don't have them, so you can try calling as well -
    Customer Support - 877-447-3938
    Affiliate Support - 866-682-4131
    Reseller Support - 888-437-0481

    This is killing my business!

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    Same problem here - all our overnight transactions failed with a SSL protocol error, and we cannot reach any URL. I don't recall receiving any maintenance notification.

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    Customers are calling wanting to know what is up with their processing... AuthNet is down.

    Looking for a Twitter or other neartime info.

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    what to do now??

    We are having the same problem, no answers at any number we have found to and payment gateways been down since at least 5:00am EST. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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    i also confirm it is down for about 6 hours now. the last transaction we have is around 7h30 GMT.
    i am wondering if their customer support is 24 / 7 ??
    i think they are on West Coast of the US and it's a non working day there today
    thousand of websites must have the same problem

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    Same here, no response from their website or their payment gateway, they are both down.

    Incredibly frustrating, how can they be closed any day when then process credit cards 24/7 businesses relay on them!!!! (answer message when you call)

    Does anyone know if they are at least attempting to fix the problem?

    Our site is down until they are back up.

    Any one know anything why is down?

    Definitely going to make us think twice about sticking with them in the long term. How can they be so unresponsive.

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    just spoke with my merchant services...they said that the system is down and it was not a scheduled upgrade, but the IT folks were trying to get the system back up.
    *no time frame for restore
    *no idea if we have to reenter ARB transactions

    **Good Luck**

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    I just sent news tips to some of the national media. Maybe they can get a hold of someone to find out what's going on, and post it on their online sites.

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    FYI, I just got off the phone with someone at the NOC, And confirmed that they do know about the issue and are working on it. I asked if there was any kind of ETA for being back online and at this time there is not one. I ask about details with what was wrong with him because I am sure they need all the time they can get to fix the issues.

    Several months back we had a issue with them which ended up being a problem with a line between Internap and savvis I think it was? Not sure if that ever got fixed. But at anyrate I had a hourly script thats been running checking connectivity and that started to fail at 12:00 AM PDT.

    I sure do hope they get things backup. It really blows when you can't get payments.


    Mark Keymer
    Vivio Technologies

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    Talked with UK branch. data center experienced a fire. Combination of fire and US holiday created "perfect storm" effect. They are waiting for fire department to allow them back in building to initiate emergency plan. Also understand they are trying to call people in from holiday to man phones and answer questions.

    They are hoping to be back online today but not exactly sure of timeline.


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    UK also feeling the effect of being down

    On the different UK forum, they are confirming a fire in the California building, they too are unable to process credit cards. No ETA, and the is no answer at any of phone numbers.

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    Now I find that a bit interesting because at least there front in site was in Seattle in a Internap co-lo center. I forget which building.

    Of course they could have some required connection to CA to make everything go. But you would think that the main homepage would come up and not require connectivity to CA to show?


    Mark Keymer
    Vivio Technologies

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    ****, I hope they get everything rerouted soon.

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    Well thier site just started to ping at 10:48 am EST. Looks like they may come back soon. site still not available.


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