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    Unhappy down?

    Hi guys and gals, I dont know if its just me, but for some reason all of my domains that I host with there DNS service are currently unresolvable.

    Is anyone else having issues with there domains with 123-reg?


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    Yes I'm getting the same problem

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    Cheers for reply rjkdesign.

    From my findings its been this way since 5:45pm (GMT)

    I have had no pre-warnings about any DNS servers going down, Being moved, or even scheduled maintenance.

    This brings me to the assumption that its a technical fault. is down also, So we can't raise a ticket.

    If anyone know any staff/employees at 123-Reg could they please make them aware of the issue, and if they could find anything out that would be of a great help to.

    Kind Regards

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    Wonderful Pipex

    I have almost 50 domains registered with 123-reg and one way or another with email MX resolution etc it appears to have been failing for the last few days.

    As of yesterday(Friday 16 Nov 07) it seemed to go down completely for all my domains except one on the server which is registered with a different ns supplier so I know its not my servers at fault.

    This is typical of Pipex unfortunately they take over good companies (Webfusion... 123-reg ...) and run them into the ground taking away support and quality staff until eventually they have a C**p service.

    As soon as they resolve whatever the problem is I am away from them, even thought it means stacks of work for me they cost to much with outages like this that we have no control over.

    Can anyone recommend any good alternatives?

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    yep, still not working .. nothing on the 123-reg service status page either.

    Great ...

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    Try some your 123 reg domains in It looks like the domains are starting to resolve

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    Well all 23 of my domains hosted with them are still down.

    @magicmarine > I totally agree, they have killed a decent service.

    Its happened also to a data center 1 minute away from my house. They got bought out by pipex and since they have cut jobs, closed down the data center and moved the business else where.

    The best thing about that data center for me was that it was close i could go there when i wanted change my backup drives and I wouldn't have to worry about expensive trips to get there as it was less than a minutes drive.

    Now i have to travel 1hour and 30ish minutes in the car to the nearest datacenter. Its all about money these days for pipex, i wish they would see the issues they have created!

    *shakes fist @ pipex*

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    Angry Glad it's not just me!

    My domains on 123-reg are all down too, including

    Their support domain is still down too (

    I can't believe it. It's the only thing they have to do for me.... I'm glad I didn't use them for my server stuff.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative who can do decent email forwarding? (That's why I didn't move just yet - their email address formatting was very flexible for me)

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    I am experiencing exactly the same problem with all of my domains using their name servers. I've sent them an email, I hope they'll fix it soon.

    I find it appalling that they don't have a backup server, or alternate power supply if there are electrical problems. If this was just general maintenance, I would have expected to be contacted about the downtime; especially as I've spent the last 2 hours checking the if the issue was with my web host.


    Dear 123-reg Customer,

    Thank you for your email we received on 17th November 2007.

    We are currently aware of a problem regarding 123-reg nameservers which in turn is affecting the visibility of websites and services such as email and web forwarding.

    At present, we have engineers looking into this as a matter of urgency.

    Please be assured we are working to rectify this issue as a priority and hope to resume normal service as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience in the mean time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    123-reg Support
    At least they were very quick with the reply. I appreciate that at least.
    Let's hope they're back up soon.
    Last edited by predatormc; 11-17-2007 at 01:18 PM. Reason: new info

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    I believe that this is much wider than 123-reg. It affects Webfusion hosting services and others too. For those who are unaware, Webfusion is a major hosting provider in the UK and is owned by Pipex (who also own 123-Reg I believe).

    The status page at Pipex is here:

    At 17:30 you can see that we haven't had an update for over 5 hours. The last time I called I gave up when I was told the expected wait would be 25 minutes.

    This isn't very good at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by predatormc View Post
    I am experiencing exactly the same problem with all of my domains using their name servers. I've sent them an email, I hope they'll fix it soon.

    I find it appalling that they don't have a backup server, or alternate power supply if there are electrical problems. If this was just general maintenance, I would have expected to be contacted about the downtime; especially as I've spent the last 2 hours checking the if the issue was with my web host.


    At least they were very quick with the reply. I appreciate that at least.
    Let's hope they're back up soon.

    Glad to have confirmation that they're on to the problem. It's also good to hear that it seems to be Pipex wide, as hopefully it'll be a top priority.

    When I visited, not a mention of it anywhere, and the customer service number doesn't even work weekends

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    Ta for the info! I agree its very bad that its even happened, maybe they will book there ideas up after this! Its a very bad techical issue that been around for 24 hours now! Its not even in the slightest bit funny! And i doubt they will appologise for this!

    Yeah, i noticed the weekend are classes as no support available. Highly shocking, I may move DNS servers after this is all sorted! DNS something which I would expect to work all the time and if there is an issue then its usually my own fault or my net connection and if thats the case I can deal with it, but even is more reliable than this, its also free, and you get updates if an issue does arrise!

    Come on Pipex get ya heads out of your arses and book up your attitude! Its not nice nor clever trying to run things they way you are doing so at the minute! I hope to god things get better!

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    Pipex have posted this on the status page:

    Saturday, November 17 2007 @ 06:30 PM (GMT)
    Contributed by: SupportSvr
    Views: 0 The nameserver issue is still on-going it is being treated with the highest priority and hopefully will be resolved asap.

    Thank you for your patience.

    So nearly 28 hours later and we are still without NS services.

    I seriously hope this gets fixed soon I dont want it to roll on into the week! especially with xmas on its way, If they think its going to be another 24 hours to fix I would really like to know as I will change the NS and then at least my domains will be online and working.

    Thanks Pipex for the update though.

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    I changed the NS of our sites hosted there this morning. Why? Because where there is vaguery (is there such a word?) there is usually potential for a very long outage.

    If you look at every message they have posted it is vague: no specifics on the problem, and no hint of a recovery estimate. When that is the case, and when it proves impossible to extract anything approaching any detail, it often spells severe problems.

    This long into the issue, and they are still telling us about priority and "hoping"... not exactly grounds for optimism.

    I took the right decision, and if I was you Cunni I would be looking at your NS right now. Sods law of course says that as soon as you do that...

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    lol yeah, Well said though JenniH I know sods law all to well,

    You are totally correct though, I should have taken your approch this morning to.

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    How do we know an ns change will take effect?

    How do we know that any ns server changes will take effect if being processed by 123-reg at the moment?

    Can you expand on how you are sure changing the ns records will actually work and or a change of tag will get effected?

    I am just a bit worried about out of the fat and into the fire here if you know what I mean. So has anyone tested the ns change process with a definite result?

    Or can update us on the likely hood of such changes actually working given the uncertainty of what the actual problem is at 123reg...?

    Thoughts /observations....?

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    Well it would seem that only the Name Server is down, so changing the Domain information so ask for a differnt NS server then the site should be able to process that but in saying that mine has yet to go through.

    So im not to sure if its worked. JenniH is probably the one who needs to report on this,


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    Found this thread after googling - I use opendns and all my sites are unresolvable. That 123-reg can't even fix their nameservers within a reasonable time is a complete shock to me. DNS is fundamental to their business - and if something like this happened in the business sector where I work, jobs would be on the line. I thought they were reputable. 123-reg FIX YOUR DAMN NAMESERVERS!

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    I have 2 scenarios:

    1) A site which is hosted by Webfusion (Pipex). When it went down and all I could get was vagueness from Pipex I pointed the domain name at a different host where I had uploaded a backup copy of the site. The domain is not registered with 123-Reg fortunately.

    2) I have a handful of domains registered at 123-Reg, which point at a host in the US. All those sites seem to be up, although of course I can't get into the 123-Reg control panel to administer their domains.

    If one of the latter sites goes down I am goosed, as obviously I can't get in to re-point to different nameservers.

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    tttonyyy, Glad you found it through google, that was the main reason i started this thread so that users and customers like ourselfs actually had a bit of insight into what was happening.

    @Jennih Ahh right, It seems that its the opposite way around for me,

    I have a server in the UK and USA, they all work fine as I have a DNS and web cache running here at home. But I have had emails from users saying they are getting Server not found, which usually means Apache isn't running, server outage or DNS is down.

    I can login to my 123-Reg control panel but the changes I make dont seem to do anything!

    *bangs head on desk, I really don't like the way this is panning out, and I also agree with tttonyyy I thought 123-Reg was a reputable company but thats obviously changed some what since they have been bought out by pipex.

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    Oh just a quick update. is now down.

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    Anyone got a recommendation for an alternative registrar, we have 30+ domains with 123-reg and this is becoming an all too common an occurrence. Outbound mail has been getting 550 lookup errors for a while and we have had this total outage problem at least twice before since the Pipex buyout. The fact they only issue a 0871 number and then do not man it out of hours does not make for a great 24/7 business.



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    cunni - thanks for the thread. I also found unreachable after flushing the DNS cache on this PC. I guess there is little point finding its IP since there is nothing we can do with their control panel anyway.

    My main concern is lost e-mail. I guess most mailservers will bounce given lack of DNS resolution (rather than queue to an uncontactable host). This is something of a disaster!

    Curiously enough, a couple of days ago I had web users on one site complain that it sometimes wasn't reachable but would then respond on a refresh. At the time I put it down to quirky net behaviour, but I guess that was an early symptom of this NS problem.

    IIRC, it's free to transfer out of 123-reg - will seriously consider doing so after this.

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    Go see we are not alone !!!

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    Changing 123-reg name servers

    123-reg seems to be back up again (for me) but in case it goes again or others are still having problems the IP address for is

    If you can no longer access the website and you want to change your name servers to someone else it should be possible to edit the host file on your computer so you can still access their site.

    Depending on what operating system you have the host file will be located in a slightly different place. For instructions Google

    edit host file on (then put your operating system)

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