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    Exclamation !Versatile Coder Needed ASAP

    Hi everyone,

    Im working on a website for a non-profit organization and am in need of someone with vast coding experience (html, javascript, php, etc) to help enhance the site I made (add some features etc). Although the work I am doing is for free, if the coder needs pay I will be more than happy to include some money for your work if you need it. Please send me an email to [email protected] or send me an IM at thnk3d or msn at [email protected] . Even better just reply here if necesarry. Once again your help would be greatly appreciated.



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    would it be possible to know anything about the project, it would be a great favour to us all if you were to provide details. We will know what we are dealing with then before taking up the project.
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    Sure thing, essentially the site is already designed, coded, and up in running in a basic form. What I would like to do is work together with the coder and work on suggestions that would make the site better and more functional. Such things as a search feature, the ability for users to log in and out of the site, possibly a content management system of some sorts, and design aspects that need to be tweaked.



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    Have you ever tried just using a CMS to ease your problems
    New site:

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