Hi all,

I'm about to embark on designing an ecommerce site for a small business but the amount of info and BS out there is overwhelming. I need a secure server, shopping cart, payment processor and merchant account (anything else). I was looking at the possibility of getting a hosting account with a company that supports the Miva Merchant shopping cart system, the only thing is that most plans that integrate this are about $50 a month which is more than I'd rather pay. Anyone had any experience with Miva Merchant? I found other inexpensive webhosts that go through Alabanza and include the alacart shopping cart system, but I was told it doesn't integrate well with payment systems, has other problem, and that they planned to charge for the service soon. Anyone know anything about this or had experience with it? I also found a free shopping cart kit called agoracgi which I could possibly set up but it seems like it would be hard for my parents who will own the site to make changes, as it's set up seems a little complicated. If anyone has any suggestions on a good and inexpensive ecommerce solution I would really appreciate it.