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Originally Posted by webbusinessnewbie View Post
Ok so I am totally confused, cuz I thought I was suppose to transfer my domain name from Godaddy to bluehost. But since it had only been 2 days godaddy said I had to wait 60 days. So then bluehost told me to cancel and get a refund then rebuy my domain name through them. So I called godaddy and asked how long it would take to get my name to back into the pool to be able to buy it again and he said a couple hours up to a couple days. Then they e-mailed me confirming my cancelation saying that it wouldn't go back into the pool of names till maybe 90 DAYS! I am so mad!
Anyways when it does become available again do I buy it through my host or again through godaddy?
You've been getting a lot of bad advice. You don't need to transfer your domain name to your host in order to host your website with them. You just update your nameservers. I suggest you re-register the domain name with godaddy or namecheap or some other specialist registrar and then update the nameservers to point it to bluehost. That's how everyone does. ITs also better to keep your domain name at a different company than where you host your website. That way the host can't hold your domain hostage.

And yeah if godaddy says its going to take 90 days for the domain to show up in the pool of unregistered names you have to believe that they are right.