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Originally Posted by nibb View Post
Thanks for the feedback. When you mention its not fast is the difference really noticeable? Did you tested it on the same hardware?

There is a review of them in Toms hardware vs DataCore and it doesn't achieve the same performance but for the price its pretty good, I mean DataCore costs a small fortune.

I have to look into Nexenta as well but Open-E seems nice for small business or small setups. Of course if you need to scale bigger in the future, that would not fix performance or speed issues either once you deployed a solution its pretty much the same except features.
When I say faster, I mean faster. Once the cache is hit in Nexenta/ZFS, the speed is incredible. When hitting the raw storage, it's still just as fast as Open-e.

Datacore... I could never actually GET pricing out of them. That disqualified them in my mind. And the lady who runs that company still calls me once in a while trying to sell her product to me. But won't give me pricing. It's a strange world!

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