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Originally Posted by tikijj View Post
Along with the issues described here, I was also having problems posting my articles on Facebook. That has been resolved by disabling CF plugin as well.

Basically FB was not able to pickup my website's URLs when I had the CF plugin installed and if it did pick up, it wouldn't show the thumbnails. Even the old articles were missing thumbnails, it was a 50/50 deal, but now they are all back. It isn't a coincidence, this happened lol.

Your technicians told me you had an open bug with FB and that you already contacted FB about it, but I think you should probably look into your plugin first. Not that it's buggy or anything, but it definitely does not work well with W3 Total Cache plugin.

I should also mention though, now that the problems are solved Cloudflare has done wonders for my site. The website loading time is faster, the attacks that used to hamper my website is all blocked by CF, bandwidth usage is lower, I can handle more concurrent users on my VPS, and CPU load is very stable as well. All thanks to flam316 though since I would have uninstalled CF if he couldn't figure out the problems. I'm sticking with CF for a while and if I continue to like it I'm upgrading to the pro version.
We love the pro version. The Analytics are second to none

It sounds like you've got everything resolved?

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