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Originally Posted by Kakashi View Post
So the crux of this complaint is whether the IP was blacklisted back in 2010 or recently.
Exactly! And simply searching the IP on Google will show when these issues came up! Plenty of sites show the IP and what was going on.

Originally Posted by KJMS-Chris View Post
Sounds suspicious because if it was something as simple as from 2010, an additional IP being issued / swapped out with the old one would have solved this problem.
I have been very proactive with this - once JoeAnt told me their software alerted the IP I went to vpsville and got horrible support. I asked for assistance and got spit on! I also went straight to McAfee to ask them to help me get my site (IP) cleared. I shouldnt have to do the host work for them, but I know I am totally innocent and wanted to this fixed!

This all started on a Friday evening late ... then Saturday Sunday, A holiday (presidents day ... NOW that I post here the host says they are deleting my account WITHOUT ever doing anything at all to find the cause of the issue!

If they actually delete my account and give no refund this wont be the last forum I post on! I'll employ a dozen or more article writers to spread the story on every hosting site online! I just paid for a years worth of hosting in NOV, if they stick it to me knowing I am totally innocent I am going to be more than hot.