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Ok you seem sot be on top of most possible clues to the issue.

The server switch is to see if;

1. that specific server has issue or an upgrade that's not doing well with your site

2. a new high resource load customer is now on that server and causing the load

3. a new customer is abusing the server

I know usually the best thing to do is fix the site itself but a host is not going to mention what's happening on their end unless you really really bother them, then they will admit that something is wrong on their end.

So try to troubleshoot as best as you can, then ask and in some cases demand to move to a different server. They would rather keep you as a customer and do the move than to argue with you and tell you to leave. I've seen this trick work many many times.

Alright. I just updated the ticket I have with my host to ask for a possible server switch. In the meantime, any other possibilities?

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