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Originally Posted by tmzVPS - Jonathan View Post
The host should take full responsibility for their IPs ...
Well unfortunately who ever has been responding to my ticket doesnt think so. They've told me that I can follow up with McAfee and all other sites that list the IP as a risk. The responder said they cant be held responsible for what someone did on their servers 2 years ago.

I asked who was giving support and I asked for a number I could call them at - they never responded to either of those questions.

Simply searching the IP on Google brings up plenty of info about the IP and where the issues came up - this particular support person didn't seem to care about that info and took no responsibility at all for their IP.

I requested that it would be simple for them to change give me a new IP, one that was clean and they again ignored those comments.

Not at all happy with them tonight and as such posting with a lot of (IMO very just) anger.

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