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Paypal settlement charges for un-authorized payment , what the hell ? Need help

We had a customer who signedup in january 2012.
He signedup Paypal Subscription. His account got activated within seconds.
Suddenly in starting of Feb 2012, he filed case of un-authorized payment.

Just now case was solved and paypal charged us $10(Settlement charges) + $2(Hosting fee which he has paid)

In resolution center we provided his signup details, his IP and all those which are required. But nothing worked.
What I think, buyer should contact hosting company in such case.

So in whole scenario, it was not our fault. We lost $10 for nothing. And above this, there is no way to tell this to Paypal.

How can I contact Paypal ? Paypal is running in India and it should have its office but no address or tel number is given.

It screws up !!

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