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Originally Posted by DanJo View Post
Apparently you did not read the thread, he is mentioning that he purchased 2 domain and which to cancel it after that. What wrong with the hosting? what wrong with the FAQ?
And I dont get what you mean by "remaining domain name i have at 1and1, during February 2012" and now is Jan only????
Hello DanJo: Yes, I did read the thread. And, U.S. English is my Native language.

He had 2 domain names registered at 1and1. They come with a Hosting Package.

There is nothing wrong with the 1and1 FAQs. They are excellent.

The FAQ about Transferring a Domain Name to another Registrar is very clear, that after doing the Transfer. one must then Cancel the Hosting Package for the Domain Name. If one does not do that, 1and1 will continue to Bill the customer.....

Yes, I still have one Domain Name registered at 1and1. Hopefully will get that one transferred to another Registrar in February. If I can do that, then, after the Transfer, I will cancel the Hosting Package for it.