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Originally Posted by backtogeek View Post
I am still suspecting it will hit HVM as they both use the TC implementation is pretty much the same way but I could be wrong.

Interestingly though I spent some time constructing a post on the soluslabs tech support forum that contained this and a list of 11 other things that have issues and need addressing "feedback" if you will only to look today after getting zero response for about 10 days to see that soluslabs just deleted it.

Probably embarrassed about one of my points being the lack of response times and it was easier just to silence me although I think I did it in a constructive manner.

Pleased I took a backup of the text it was fairly long, I will wait for the next release or issue and post it here instead.
Hi Anthony,

I think they thought i had posted it as i contacted them asking about the port limiting then he said its 11PM your support is only Mon-Fri.

So i linked to the thread on there forum which they then said we'll look into it on Monday and removed the thread.