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Turnkey Internet - Great service, 19 month Review.

I figured after I have lurked around here for so long as I look to move to my next Turnkey Internet dedicated server that I should post a review of them thus far. Also as it seems as good a time as any due to some negative feedback they have received in a recent post. So I thought I would give you an unbiased AND HOLISTIC review of my time with them.

On and off I have been with Turnkey for a total of 19 months, during this time I have used their VPS services and dedicated services. I say that I have been with Turnkey on and off as at one stage I decided to go hunting for a better deal elsewhere. Lesson learned, you pay with peanuts and you get monkeys... in *most cases* However after coming back and now being with them through the life of two dedicated servers I can happily say with Turnkey I pay peanuts and get the gorillas of the forest when it comes to robustness, stability and service.

So without further adieu, below is a summary of my experiences:

Customer service 8.8/10:
I am extremely happy with their service and a nine is about the highest I would ever give a company as there is always wiggle room for improvement. However upon reflecting on my time with them the only things that spring to mind are the occasional teething issue with a new server which was always rapidly addressed.

To dig into this further I had a look through my history of tickets
Total tickets logged: 69
First ticket logged: April 2010
Most recent ticket logged on: Today
%of tickets that were resolved without frustration or issue: Jost over 96% of them, with one being a nightmare but more on that later.

Nick (12/10): Now Nick gets a special mention as he is the person I most get to deal with at Turnkey customer service. I am guessing this must be due to the time zones. Nick never fails to remember me and is always polite, friendly and chirpy when we chat. Even today as I was looking to get something a bit beefier with their new specials Nick spent over an hour and a half with me on chat discussing options (as well as multitasking with other clients that had higher priority requests).

Network 10/10:
I have always found the network to be robust, have only ever once had downtime (which was scheduled and kept short for core router upgrades IIRC) and considering I live in Australia give me great speeds across the great divide.

Prices 9.5/10:
Price has always been great, the staff have always been able to get something that suits my budget and where a stock model was not available have worked to get something for me to suit my requirements.

Issues I have faced:
Over the three dedicated servers I have had so far, with each one I have generally had minor teething issues such as a cPanel not being installed and some minor configuration issues when I was using an ESXi machine. A ticket to support had these resolved promptly and after the first 24 hours I have been all set and ready to roll.

One ticket I logged I faced an epic nightmare, I was due to have a rebuild of my server completed, had backed everything up (I only have one server, I run it privately) and shut everything down. Unfortunately I discovered that if you respond to a ticket in their support queue it sends it to the back of the queue (one thing that could be improved on I would have to say) so because I put a message in, then hadn't heard anything 2 hours later and put another one in it went to the back of the queue.

After that major issue I had the CEO of Turnkey Internet email me to let me know what had happened, and what procedures had been put in place to ensure it would not happen in future, admittedly I also asked them to do something on rather short notice and I should have done extra planning as well so I will also take a hit here and say I could have done better planning rather than leaving things until the last minute which probably would have negated the whole issue.


So would I stay with them… heck yes, I left and came back again… Why? because besides the occasional blip on the customer service side (as I said, with all the tickets I log not much at all) I have seen a very good side of customer service. I can also happily say that I am running my server unmanaged so they provide great levels of assistance considering I pay them no extra for that.

Would I recommend Turnkey? Without a doubt, great prices, great service and once you get over the initial 24 hours and iron out any hiccups in the setup everything is ROCK solid.

Have I had issues with Turnkey? Yes, as I mentioned above there have been some blips on the radar and one which had the CEO in contact with me, but all in all the only reason I could remember this was because I went back through my tickets. 96% of my issues have been dealt with quickly and professionally, 4% for me is more than acceptable as "the occasional issue".

If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them about my time with Turnkey so fire away.

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