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hostXnow review

OK, my first post here and am reviewing a web host so, guess I should say I'm nothing to do with hostXnow other than being a customer this past 5 months.

I'm a co-director, Trustee and Webmaster of a National Registered Charity (not here to plug it mind you but you can ask if you want to know). I'd been a personal customer of a not to be named host for 7 years and they had hosted our Charity sites for 18 months with only a few issues. Then, things didn't go wrong with them they went fubar! and I had to get out.

I spoke online to Mr hostXnow (aka Chris) and he seemed both helpful and friendly. Sadly (for him) whilst I'm webmaster for the Charity I'm still learning so we had many (many) chats whilst I moved the 21 domain names we owned to his servers (the not to be named previous host was not communicating so had to enlist the help of nominet).

So, from previous experience hostXnow are no different from my previous host when things go well BUT, in times of need, trouble, general assistance Chris has been there for us and I'd be happy to recommend him to anybody looking for a new host.

One of our sites was recently hacked (self removed explitives) and I was in the inner hebredies when it happened with poor connection but Chris came through and together we solved the issues.

If I'm honest putting our sites in the hands of one person was a worry but Chris seems to be online 24/7 and have never raised a ticket that has not been answered within an hour or two.

With my previous hosts I got a lot of "its not the server, its your code" replies to Q's but Chris seems to go the extra mile to assist with issues that are not in his domain (see what I did there?).

Shall end this rather long post by saying I (very) rarely post recomendations for anything but Mr hostXnow deserves credit where it's due.

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