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Originally Posted by nerdie View Post
The title of the thread: LiteSpeed VS Unixy Varnish - The Truth!

That's a lie!

Whoever is running that show did not benchmark our plugin.

They downloaded the default VCL from the Varnish repository, which everyone knows is suboptimal at best, and slapped the "Unixy" tag on it. Run the benchmark against the UNIXy plugin and get me involved. See I'm personally not tied to any one Web server or technology. Our clients run just all sorts of configurations from one VPS to clusters. Yes, some even run Litespeed!

I don't mind accepting the fact that Litespeed could possibly run faster (if it were to be proven). However, Litespeed Tech will never accept the fact that Varnish has performed faster. Someone in this forum ran benchmarks (a Litespeed Tech client mind you) and found Varnish to be 500 req/s faster than Litespeed Cache!

You'd think Litespeed Tech would stop misleading people with these lies. You know it's easy to tell from the benchmark output that this is not UNIXy's plugin, right? But you have the SEO upper arm right now so sadly folks will keep being misled.


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