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Very pleased with my time renting a dedicated server from

For the past three month I have rented a "Core i7 budget special" from and it has been such a wonderful experience for me I wanted to share it somewhere. I hope this is the appropriate forum.

At this time I am a former customer, but I want people to know about the caring attentive individualized attention that Incero LLC gave to my server needs.

I'll be honest, the first thing that I looked for with a server was high technical specifications at low cost. At the time incero could not be beat (had the lowest price). After talking with Gordon from I was amazed at the attention, care and expertise.

I wanted a server ASAP.

The operating system of my choice had been installed and the server was ready to go within a day.

I felt a sense of trust that I had such a powerful piece of technology, with an unmetered connection and even a KVM over IP card connected.

Immediately I merged my online community to be based off this server and the server performed like a champ. In the three months of renting the server there were never any failures.

When my needs changed and I required upgrades Incero was there and responsive... tailoring to my needs in a refreshing way I did not expect.

Eventually I canceled my server because of all the unused capacity and transferring my small online community to another administrator.

There are many things I have not included here: ways Incero has gone above and beyond what I could have expected or asked for... but I will save you some time and sum up the bottom line for Incero in the next paragraph.


If you are looking for a managed or unmanaged Dedicated server with the latest specifications and features and individualized attention by a company that loves working with customers Incero LLC is a wonderful place to go.

(I am in no way affiliated with Incero, I am not a customer, and in no way will I benefit from this post except by knowing I shared my positive hosting experience about a hosting company)


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