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Wiredtree & Clubuptime Review

As promised in my Innohosting, EZPZhosting, Site5, Surpasshosting - UK resellerhosting review topic i would also post my experiences with VPS at Wiredtree and Clubuptime.

I have been with Wiredtree for about 10 months now and cancelled my services with them today. Mostly because of the many downtimes and lack of interest in their customers i decided to leave.

I'll start with saying everything went great from april till december 2010. I only had about 10 support ticket with them in these 10 months including an account verification and my cancellation ticket.

  • The VPS came completely ready as one should expect from a managed VPS. The setup was excellent.
  • The server always have run very smooth with no problems what so ever in the first 7 months.
  • Most support tickets were being answered within 15 minutes (All tickets between a few minutes and 1.5 hour).
  • Alexis from billing is a real PRO, great answers and support.

  • One long and several short downtimes (or slow server).
  • The fact they have a ten hour downtime and say their network was only down for one hour (SLA only covers network) ... how can this be checked ?
  • No information what so ever on their site or in the grove. Not even a mail. Check it out on twitter ???
  • After these downtimes i expected to hear from them ... how would they improve things, how would they prevent these things from happening, an apologie to all their customers, a compensation for all the troubles ... something but nothing happened.
  • The feeling that no one from the management really cares about their customers (to big ? to many customers ?). How can a management let their company slide from the best reputation to just a regular host in a few months ? Zac asks me in a ticket how things could have been handled better, i answer him but never got anything back from him.

Started looking for a new VPS host and looked at Knownhost (no east coast servers) and VPSLatch (to many negative reviews) and decided to go with Clubuptime. Just been with them for a few days so i can't tell much yet but i will make a full review in a couple of months. First impressions:

The server was ready very soon after my order. The VPS I bought is managed so i expected a server that was ready to go like at Wiredtree (fully setup and tweaked). I was surprised i had to make the setup for WHM and tweaking myself altough Andrew was very helpfull with the questions i had. Questions were answered very fast so far, server seems to be faster and the network connection to Europe seems to be better. Also ordered some backupspace, weird they didn't send the details for the space theirselves .. i had to ask for them and am still waiting for them (24 hours now after opening the ticket), wich is a bit weird. I'll post an update in a few months.

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