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Originally Posted by Jay Suds View Post
Hate to bring this thread up, but it seems like something is going on with Kingston and their ECC/DDR3 reg modules. I found out today that ETA for these SKUs is 12/10:


And this not till next week:


Anyone have any recommendations on alternatives that are in stock? We are not big fans of SuperTalent memory at all, had a lot of DDR/DRR2 modules die on us in production.
you can try to source these DDR-1333 variants from kingston:
KVR1333D3D8R9S/4G (dual-rank)
KVR1333D3Q8R9S/4G (quad-rank)
currently, costs among these modules, regardless 1333 or 1066, regardless dual-rank or quad-rank, should be about the same and under $110 per.

if you use X8SIE(-F) board, and desire 24G (6x 4G) RAM, make sure you get dual-rank modules.

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