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Originally Posted by lemon09 View Post
Dear all,

I have been a customer of RouterHosting for 15 months now. I just want to share my experience with the community so people can make an informed decision.

I will just list the issues/tickets I had with them during this period:
  • 11/08/2009 13:26 network connectivity issues on their side
  • 24/10/2009 02:37 my server IP was mistakenly assigned to other server in their network
  • 19/12/2009 15:27 their core router died
  • 11/01/2010 15:18 "weird" route issues
  • 31/01/2010 11:48 HDD failure
  • 03/02/2010 00:00 PSU died
  • 18/03/2010 08:51 12 hours downtime without reasonable explanation
  • 20/03/2010 13:24 2nd PSU replacement
  • 06/05/2010 07:49 unplanned reboot
  • 02/06/2010 06:54 network issue in their DC
  • 08/07/2010 13:24 server unreachable for 8 hours
  • 26/09/2010 00:56 server downtime with no explanation
  • 17/10/2010 23:52 server is down

Latest issue is still not resolved. The server just went down according to my Nagios. It's been down for more than 12 hours now. I contacted support but they only put my ticket on hold without even telling me what they are doing to resolve the issue.

So before you go with such a low-end cheap reseller like RouterHosting THINK TWICE!
Routerhosting isn't a reseller, they own all of their equipment and colocate it in 2 datacenters, 1 in Portland and 1 in Denver.

I think you should consider their offer for a move to Denver as I know that's a much stronger location for them. The datacenter they're with in Portland doesn't know their ass from a plug on their switch a lot of the time so more complex issues can take forever to resolve to simply pushing for reinstalls.


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