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Originally Posted by Melancholia View Post
I don't know what's so hard for both hosts and users to create backups..

I'm not even a webhost and yet I somehow manage to create nightly local backups and weekly remote backups. At the very least, a separate local drive isn't going to break the bank.

End users aren't getting off that easily though, seriously, is it really that difficult to take 30 minutes out of your life per week to make a backup? Isn't it worth the peace of mind?

I don't understand people.. It's like they just look for someone to blame for their own incompetence.
Sadly, when you pay for daily backups, some customers actually expect it. People don't have time for this, thus they outsource this to people like hosts, simple. Sure, us customers, can make some backups, but we shouldn't have to because we are paying for it.

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