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Review : Turnkey Internet Dedicated Servers (Long)

Greetings All,
About 3 weeks ago, I purchased a Dedicated Server from Turnkey Internet and just wanted to post a quick review. To be completely honest I am really happy with the service, Please read below for more details.

The Purpose
The reason of me purchasing this server is to bring my VPS hosting in house as I have been using several VPS Reseller Programs. The advantages of this are many (Faster Customer Support Response Times, More Control, new Panel, etc)

The Server
We chose the server with the Intel Core2Quad Q9550 and 8 GB RAM. As I mentioned above, this was for VPS Hosting. We ordered it with CentOS.
The Ordering Process/The Setup Process (A+++)
The TurnKey Ordering Process was straight forward as expected by a WHMCS Ordering Portal.

During the ordering process, I made a few special requests on the server partitioning to accommodate the requirements of the VPS Platform. Most providers tend to get this wrong or use "Cookie Cutter" templates and thus have problems with this request.

About 4 hours after I completed the transaction, I got an e-mail with the server login details. Talk about FAST. I went into the server to check to see if they read and performed the custom setup and sure enough it was done correctly.

It is also nice that they put several diagnostic tools into their WHMCS (Reboot, Emergency Recovery, etc).

Support Response Times (A)
As someone who provides a paying service for my customers, Customer Support Response Times are IMPORTANT. I made a few tickets to ask some questions, these tickets also served as a double agent by allowing me to gage the response times. I was not disappointed.

Sales Response Times : 19 minutes - 74 minutes
Support Response Times : 8 minutes - 23 minutes (High Priority)
Support Response Times : 28 minutes - 122 minutes (Medium)
Uptime (A+)
Of course this is also very important. I have only been with them for less then 30 days, but there has been 100% uptime thus far. In my opinion, this is not enough time to measure the overall uptime. I do plan on re-visiting this in 2-4 months.

Room for Improvement
Every business has some room for improvement, TurnKey is no exception. Fortunately this is very minor.
  • IP Address Setup Fees - TurnKey charges $1.00 per IP address, which is not bad. The problem is they also charge a $25.00 setup fee. VPS's typically come with 1-5 IP Addresses so this can be expensive when I need to purchase more. Part of me understands this tactic to prevent SPAM and Abuse but the other part of me thinks this is high.

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