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GoDaddy horror story

Hey everyone, I hope this isn't against the rules but I am posting this from another forum I often frequent. I felt as if it would be of some interest to some of you...

Hi Guys,

May be some of you will disagree with me because godaddy is very famous and they have wide customer base. But I'd like to share with you my experience with godaddy and will leave you to decide your self.

I was using godaddy for about one year without any problem. Their normal support didn't have live help but was satisfactory.
They had slow mysql connection on shared hosting so moved to vps no problem. I never thought that much more problem are to come later.

That is till yesterday. when due to a spammer misused my free image hosting service to upload images used in spam operation. Once my website blocked by spamhaus, go daddy didn't wait a bit and didn't even give me any time to try to sort things out. they suspended my domain and hosting account without any notice and left me without nothing to do risking me losing of my one year business which never had the chance to make money yet.

At that stage their support became extremely horrible. Most of their replies by emails are sterio-type emails.
I called them several times a day but most of the time I get a recorded voice not a human. And even the one time I could reach them they didn't seem to be co-operative at all. They stopped my whole website and even prevented me from moving to another provider. They ask for $75 just to allow me to move to another provider and lose the months I paid in advance in hosting. They don't care that I never make money yet from my website. They never care I didn't abuse their service and I was just a victim like them.

My website completely got down and they seem they never care or bother. I have been a user of godaddy for more than one year and didn't ever cause any troubles or get convicted in any suspicious or illegal activity. And I'm also somewhat old in this forum. never posted spam or disobeyed rules.
I discovered they don't care losing innocent customers just because an abuse caused by another person I don't know and the abuse itself didn't last for more than 2 days before getting blocked and suspended. which is done too fast to be able to take any measures. How cruel is that!!!

I really hope I could know that before I see their ugly face this way.
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