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Originally Posted by Nutnut View Post
Lots of Xen fans - what control panel would you pair up with it?
Most definitely SolusVM - it is an excellent control panel, and really easy to use (both as a system administrator, and end-user) - plus, there's an active development team working on new features all the time, and the support is really good too.

Originally Posted by Nutnut View Post
So it's clear that Xen is the favourite but is everyone actually using Xen (thinking cost here) or do you actually opt for the cheaper OpenVZ.
That will vary from user to user.

Generally, top quality hosts will use Xen, as it (almost) guarantees that you will get the resources the provider states you will have.
OpenVZ is far easier to oversell on the other hand - which is why unfortunately, a lot of hosts use it.

Let's put it this way, if there were two hosts, with identical plans (ignoring things like customer support etc. for the moment), one offering OpenVZ plans, and the other offering Xen at the same price, I would definitely go for Xen.

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