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Thanks for your emails thus far, I can see a short FAQ would make sense:

Q: I can see you sell Highwinds CDN at:, are you going to replace that with Akamai?
A: No, we plan to have two CDN products, "Highwinds Value CDN at 5c/gb" and "Akamai Premium CDN at 10c/gb". There is a world of difference between the two, but they are both justified in different user cases.

Q: How much do you charge for storage on Akamai?
A: Storage is free and unlimited. So, what ever you are pulling from your own server to Akamai is covered by the traffic cost of 10c/gb.

Q: Can i buy Akamai from you without hosting my site with you?
A: Yes, you can setup Akamai to pull your content from any origin, even if it is not hosted by

Q: Do you have a network map showing Akamai's network layout?
A: No, and there is honestly no point. Akamai is everywhere - they have more than 1400 pops world wide.

Q: What is the setup time?
A: We expect to setup the first accounts in the beginning of next week as we are still working with Akamai to get everything ready. In 3 weeks our API's will be fully integrated with theirs, and setup would be instant.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: We will charge you when we set you up. So, there is no downpayment needed when pre-ordering.

Q: Will prices stay this low?
A: As I am sure you can imagine our commits to Akamai are pretty extreme, so we are very focused on getting those covered asap. That is why we have priced this so low. We hope to keep prices at this level, but we can only guarantee current prices to those prepaying.

Q: How do I setup my account?
A: You will get full access to the actual Akamai control panel. Setup is very easy, a 5 min job, and your account should be fully propagated within a few hours.

Q: Can I resell your Akamai deal?
A: Well, we give you access to the Akamai control panel, and there is nothing stopping you from passing on that access to a client of yours. But we have no reseller strategy, and we have no prices lower than 10c/gb. The cheapest listed price we've seen for Akamai anywhere is $2.50/gb, so there should be plenty of margin for you as well.

Q: If I buy a gazillion TB's, can I get a lower price?
A: Ya, if you buy a gazillion, perhaps - but do not ask if you buy anything less than 200tb/mo.

Any other questions:


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