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Originally Posted by Jay August View Post
I'm happily hosted with KnownHost and DreamHost, but since I'm from NL it's really not a pleasure to develop a Drupal powered website on that US based VPS. Speeds are not top notch and that annoys me.

so... I'm looking for tips and advice from colleagues in the web/cms development world: Where do you host your development projects?

It can be either a (managed/unmanaged) VPS, reseller account or even a small dedicated, but the latter is a bit out of budget so I prefer a VPS.

- hosted in the UK, FR, DE, NL
- max $45/50 /mo
- no silly memory limits, it kills Drupal
- no contracts
- ample power

I currently code on a GeekSRV account and it's blistering fast, but I run into serious memory problems when I'm rendering images with the GD library. Drupal has excellent modules to instantly crop and scale images, but that requires a lot of memory and the current shared account just can't cope.

I also don't like developing locally, so a good hosting environment is mandatory.

Any tips? Thanks from a CMS coder from The Netherlands!
How much memory does it require ?

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