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Thank you for posting your powerMonster review, I hope you'll post future updates Scott is a very active and helpful poster on WHT, I'm surprised there aren't more PM reviews out there.

My only experience with powerMonster is sending them a pre-sales e-mail. It was a long e-mail with my standard list of 20+ detailed and specific sales questions. Truth be told I wasn't expecting that much of a reply and thought it would take 24+ hours.

Little did I know what was in store for me. Instead of taking 24+ hours, I received a reply within a few hours. Compared to 50+ other web hosts I have contacted, powerMonster's response was the most detailed and helpful. That really impressed me, as did their WHT hosting offer specials. If I didn't already have 10+ hosting accounts (VPS/reseller/shared) I would have signed up on the spot. To this day I'm still impressed with the time Scott took to answer my detailed, nitpicky and personal questions.

Of course one could argue good pre-sales is no indication for longetivity, support, reliability, uptime, etc. Regardless they made a very good first impression

What's your budget?

Seriously, what's your budget?