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Posts: 2 - reasonable pricing with STURDY service! :)


I am writing this review to express my happiness with being hosted at
powermonster dot net.

The owner of this webhosting company is Scott and I must say even though
it's considered a small company, it's a reliable one and the support
offered is great, personal and upfront.

Scott also makes it a personal point to inform us of developments the company
is headed to and also is enthusiastic about assisting customers with
technical issues.

The server has also maintained a certain standard of uptime and I'm also very
pleased with it's speed.

My main website www . chio . asia is hosted on his directadmin server
and I also have other websites on his cPanel server.

Currently I have other sites hosted somewhere else, but in the near
future - I am looking at moving some of these sites over to his server
as I personally am ingratiated to his support and level of service that
I would like to use his services more.



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