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This is meant mostly for Heymatty, and the ridiculous and uninformed remarks made in the Moderators wanted discussion.
1. The truth is an effective defense against a charge of libel. If a statement is made about a hosting company, no matter how bad it is, and it is true, the company would stand little chance of winning a libel suit. Some companies are terrible and it is not libel to name those that are when it can be substantiated.

2. Your contention that a dissatisfied customer shouldn't let others know about a bad host and should merely change to another is out of touch with reality. We have a right to voice our opinions and state the facts about bad hosts. Also, many people have switched from one bad host to another. This site, the comments about bad hosts and the ones about good ones, can help prevent making another mistake and might even save some people from making the first one.

Your remarks are based in ignorance and stacking the deck in favor of lousy hosts. Fortunately, most people laugh at them or ignore them altogether sinc ethey can't be taken seriously.

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