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I hired The Pixel to design us a logo. I am very satisfied with the design they performed. I worked with Lindi and let me tell you she does NOT complain. She designed us a logo about 3 different times because i wanted something different each time. She kept doing her job with out a hassle. She really was a pleasure to work with. If ever i need anything done i will go to The Pixel. If you need a logo go to The Pixel. Afraid like i was of spending money over and over because not one previous designer could handle your task? No worrie's The Pixel will not stop until YOU are happy with the work they have performed. The Pixel has also helped me with a coding issue i had and also designed the Sign Up button's located here

Want to see our logo? Here

Want to see our complete site? Here

Want to get design work? Here

P.s The Pixel had an incredible Turn Around time for my design's thank's again The Pixel!

Now you may ask why would i post this thread in Website Review? Because the WHT rule's is if and while giving a designer a review and you link to your own site it must be in Website Review.

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