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I have order VPS from VPSVille UK base data center CPanel 4 VPS plan. i have old VPS server with Cpanel too and i have try to transfer few Accounts from the old one to the new vps from VPSVille.
The sites hosted on the old server are working fine with NO ERRORS OR PROBLEMS!
Some sites have transfered and all work fine like mySQL, mail, viewing images, flash etc. But some of the sites have some errors like can`t connect to database i have transfer the site automatically from WHM transfers option and manyaly creating full backup and then restoring to the new server and all the time i get the same message, the problem is not just with joomla i have problem with PHPBB3 forum i have already transfered joomla and phpbb3 site from the old to the new server ( and ) and all works fine on but with the user tehnolog mysql do not work like they should i have.
Additionally i have transfer and on the user account paffi i can`t view any hosted image i have try to upload new images from my HDD not and i can`t view them too, Mysql is working on paffi but i cant view images. when i try to open any image i get this screen: for example
User accounts paffi and tahnolog are hosted on the same old VPS and the bout f them work fine there.
I have try to contact VPSVille support and they just escape from helping me saying like i need to contact my old host because my sites do not work, i need to contact webmaster etc, etc.
can someone help me what can be the problem ?
I`m very disappointed from VPSVille support.

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