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I am a new client that chose to sign up for the VPS3 plan; however, I requested a customization to have 1 gig of ram, which they happily obliged by making a custom package for me.

First, allow me to explain that the "client" service (not customer service) with this host is OUTSTANDING! It is a stable host with multiple owners, so they are going to be here today and well into the future. I have spoken with Brian, John and Mike, and each of them are just top-class.

I have two L-A-R-G-E vbulletin boards, two domains, and as many of you know, those can be quite server intensive. Most hosts would not take the time to work through the cpu spiking and usage issues. All three of these gentlemen helped me get my sql optimized.

I was using 80% of the cpu just from my vps alone because I didn't know how to get things under control. Most hosts would click you off, cancel you, and/or charge you a surplus of fines/fees to get it resolved. I'm not stating 100% they will do this for everyone, but I can tell you they helped me through this entire process, and we got it under control.

Take a look for yourself:

I mentioned above "CLIENT" based service. The reason I stated this so boldly is that in an autonomous hosting world, you can choose any host, and probably get -decent- "customer" service. This host treats you like a "client"... They want you to feel an integral part of their philosophy of outstanding support and service, and they respect you as an individual with individualized needs. This speaks loudly to me, and it should to all of you who take the time to look for a reputable, top-notch, unmatched quality, price, and service based host.

I assure you I am not associated with DL in any way. I am just one VERY pleased CLIENT of theirs, and will be well into the future.


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