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Another Name Of Gems >> Logic Support

Hello all
today im feeling proud to write a review about

like 2 months back i was pretty new to this web hosting industry

and i was facing tons of problem in setting up my server, for start i joined

another well known server management company but unfortuneately i left

them because they cant fullfill my expectation and their work is not upto that

level which i expected.after then i cam to know abt logic support , just by

posting in their thread i got one of their reps in my we discussed

everything for 2,3 days and finally they gave my such a deal which i cant

  • Kernal Upgrades & Custom Firewall Install
  • Includes Phase III Security Software Installs and Hardening - [More]
  • Includes Advances 24/7 Monitoring & Response Service - [More]
  • Includes Weekly Security and System Audits - [More]
  • Includes 3 Free hours of additional System Administration
  • Trouble shooting of all basic server problems
  • Update and patch all server software
  • Installation of any supported OS software upon request
  • Prices are per server, per month. Savings of over 50% if ordered separately!
and everything in just 59$

after then they stared working on my server they did all top notch work
  • Installed level 3 security
  • optimized my server for better performance
  • Helped alot on solving Cpanel issues
  • Migrated My Server From Another data center
once i had issue with my server lke my cpanel password getting reset this case their admin himself took the control and helped me

and worked like continuously for 24 + hour to solve this issue

When ever i open a ticket i got replied in hardly 10 - 15 min

and normally they solve all my issues in 30 to 60 min maximum ,

i never had any problrem with then and its being real pleasure to be with them

i dont have words to explain how great and top quality service these guys

provide in such Low rates, After Joining them My Server Runs smooth and i don't

have a single second downtime, when ever i had some issue they suddenly

inform me via email or Via phone. These Guys are simply master

Once again i would like to thanks Logic Support For Providing Such A Mind

Blowing service.

i will surely recommend everyone to join logicsupport

these guys are real gems . if you want real peace of mind and what your server

to be run smooth and fine when you sleeping then Try once . Im can assure

you wont regret

Link -

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