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Well it should not bounce and we can test it to make sure.

I believe I spoke to you once, I haven't asked any of the technicians to see if they have spoken with you. But I am pretty certain that numerous would be a wrongful statement.

Look I am not trying to get you all excited. Simply trying to show you the way to make sure your DCMA's are taken care of. If your going to send something send it Fedex or UPS it can require a signature also. But as I mentioned a e-mail followed by a phone call will save you a ton of time.

I am not a representative of PornBB but it's a forum with links to files which are not on the server. There are zero files being distributed from the server.

Lastly we are a dedicated server provider not a law firm. What in the world would we need a legal counsel for? And regarding certain remarks it was you who categorized the company as being "shady". I did not even put you as being the Eric in question.

My job is also to make sure that our clients do not abuse our network. There was absolutely no need to characterize us in a negative manner or to imply opinions on a public forum.

If you have any DCMA's please bring them to my attention and I certain they will be dealt with.


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