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Web Hosting review - Crucial Paradigm

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks to all you folks at Web Hosting Talk forums for helping a newbie like me in taking the fist step towards an online presence. The inputs of members on WHT have been not only helpful but also educating and informative.
Would like to specially thank Jedito and Aussie Bob for their time and assistance as well.

I have now decided to go for Shared Hosting with Crucial Paradigm.

Ijan who goes by the nickname CrucialP has been very kind and has given a huge discount for the first year, considering this is for a uni project. He has patiently replied to all my queries that I have been bombarding him with. Ranging from the real silly ones, right to the technical queries that deal with the uni project.

Most of the questions were, more because I am new to this and apprehensive in taking the next step, which is, choosing the “right” host.

What was surprising, besides the huge discount that brought a big smile on my face, was that once I registered on the Crucial Paradigm website (which was last evening at 5:30pm), they already set up my account and sent me details/password/access etc. before I even made the payment.

Since I already had a domain name registered with Answerable, I made the Name Server changes this morning. I instantly got my splash page up and running.

I thought this would take anywhere between 24 – 48 hours so was surprised to see it happen instantly.

So far, it’s been great dealing with Crucial Paradigm. Thanks Ijan/CrucialP.

I hope to keep posting here in between uni assignments and tinkering with websites to see how this goes further.

Once again thanks all.

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