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MediaLayer monthly review

well, it has been whole month since i chose to go with them.

they are a little bit pricey, but worth it. honestly, there's nothing to review, since i haven't got any issues. their work are flawless, their support answers within 5 minutes, although it's always late at night when i post the support ticket (time difference, you know, ten hours or so). our site experiences zero downtime, and the scheduled or unscheduled works, which involve downtime always are announced couple of days before. and it was only once till now. any issue is solved fast and efficiently.

concerning the website. we run an ipb forum, average amount of users, using hosting package. when we were on powweb the uptime was terrible, the speed was horrifying. it took something like 5 mins sometimes just for one page to download. now with medialayer everybody's happy. they are very fast, for the users from all over the world.

all of these outcomes made me to sign up for the whole year. i know, it's against the common sense and against the advices here, but i think i can trust them.

way to go, guys, keep up the great job.

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