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Originally Posted by ffeingol View Post

Yes, we know it's not a LSAP issue per-se. It's an issue building php (period) with --with-gd and --with-dom-xsl/--with-dom-exslt enabled. We've had the --with-dom* parms enabled "forever" and it simply won't compile by hand. The configure throws an error related to GD, but it's really things that the dom parms are brining in that are causing the issue.

The weird part is that it compiles fine with easyapache and those options.

We can remove the --with-dom-xsl/--with-dom-exslt and it compiles fine, but it will take a bit of research to see what we're going to break.

Interesting. We don't have any of our "production" cPanel setups (though we manage a few, where we do our own compiles). I'll take a look at this for you on one of my dev boxes, and see if I can replicate it.

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