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Originally Posted by webcho
Still the CPU utilization shows 80-90% with bursts well over 100%.

Memory should be pretty enough (768 MB guaranteed) and since this site was able to survive (with struggle) on reseller plans, I guess it is the CPU only that is causing the problem.

There is no guaranteed CPU (in MHz) from EuroVPS and I don't know what hardware my VPS is running on (it mentions some IBM XSeries, but which one?). I don't know how many other VPSes are running on the same server and how much CPU theu use.
If your site struggled on a shared host, your code and database almost certainly need optimising, you should not blame your hosting provider.

You also can't guarantee a certain number of MHz with Virtuozzo, it's pretty impossible to do considering every processor is different, and uses different methods for optimization. Virtuozzo uses CPU "units" instead.


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