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In an ideal world people wouldn't be able to get hold of domains they weren't supposed to have.
As has been said above, the .us domains are restricted to people in or who have a base in the US.
However I know of at least two people here in the UK that are just UK people, have nothing to do with the US yet have .us domains.

For a .eu you need to live in the .eu and at the moment you need to be a business as we are currently going through a Sunrise phase for the allocation of .eu domains - I believe we are on stage two where business can register trademarks etc.

It really is fair - every country is entitled to do what they like with ther domain extensions.
The US have decided to make their country code available to locals only.
.eu is for people in the EU. for example is an extension from here in the UK - however Nominet have decided to allow unrestricted access to it and anybody can buy one.