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Corporate Identity

There are thousands of hosting companies out there and to be honest they’re all the same! They even have the same template & similar names.

We’ll start of with your name. No matter what you decide to call yourself you should always get the “.com”. Chances are if people don’t know what your ending is they’ll plonk in a .com. Now if you have the .net because the domain you wanted is already taken as the .com you could pass on the occasional client to the .com company! That could be $4 a month, $48 a year…all the people that person could have recommended you to, are recommended to the .com! On the other hand, country code domains, .ca, .us,, etc, can work. (warning self promotion) I always used to just sign off emails “Afford A Host”. I now always sign them of “Afford A Host UK” and refer to my company as that. I did try to get the .com version, but unfortuanly the owner wasn’t willing to sell it….but you have to work around problems like this (self promotion over)

Another bad part could be, if someone has a bad time with the .com they may go on a few forums, review sites, and tell everyone about their terrible experience with them. If someone who read that a while ago, and see your company…not realising you’re a different company just with a different domain extension they might skip your site.

In the same way a template could do this. Too many hosts have the same layout with that annoying flash header which has to load on every single page of their website, with the same annoying sound effects, and tune in the background. I’ve known people to not even bother with a host because of background music! Now by getting rid of that sound, you could get someone interested in what you sell and you save a few kb of bandwidth – it’s called a win win situation!

Once I got spam from a hosting company and when I came to look for a hosting provider I came across one site and recognised the template to have sent me spam and ignored them!

If you’re starting out, get your own design made, nothing fancy, static images, no flashy flash animation. Spend a bit on it! It’s like your face. Do you really enjoy getting served in Mac Donalds by that spotty, greasy, teenager? Wouldn’t you rather get served by an attractive woman in stilettos and a red dress? In the same way an ugly website is the spotty teenager of Mac Donalds.

So close down that template monster site! Delete those templates you got for $10 illegally of eBay! Designers aren’t cheap, but a good one Is worth it! It might be a money saver to get them to make you an index page & sub page….then do the rest your self! The other way is to buy a ready made template – but make sure it’s unique and will only be sold to you…maybe buy something different from the norm.

(note, my first "tutorial"...more of an article to be honest. Say something nice )

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