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Thanks DDT - Although, I liked your un-edited post better

We don't have a forum - we serve dynamic (cached) graphics which are updated daily - our traffic is plentiful, but constant minor hits, the problem occurs when the logs are being processed - and this was not an issue at all prior to this unexpected suspension without warning or explanation.

Regardless, this isn't a sour grapes vent.. this is an exhausted, very reasonable customer who has had enough of being treated like she doesn't exist.

Trust me in saying that I am a very patient person, and unless i was at my wits end i would definitely not be here saying the things I have about a company like this.

I actually feel a duty to tell others about it, and I believe the said company should be accountable for treating its customers so terribly, if only I had found this site prior to joining Oktagone, I wouldn't need to be here complaining about it at all.