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Ron D 03-11-2009 02:19 PM

Since ditching the sinking boat known as the USS Hostchum, I found AquariusStorage. Initially I wasn't all that interested in their service as the VPS offerings were something new that Aquarius was doing and I had no clue as to how overloaded their servers were (OpenVZ based). After having the a4 package (1GB dedicated RAM, 1.2GB burst) for a few weeks now, I forget that I'm even on a VPS!
Ryan has been there for everything, even the small issues that he had no reason to help me fix (unmanaged). From my initial live chat with him, he never lied about any of the specs and went as far as telling me that they had *just* opened up their VPS offerings. Have read plenty of positive things about AS's shared/resellering services and thought meh, lets give them a try. No matter what I throw at the VPS, it handles it as if its a bug hitting the windshield of my rocket.
Support: 10/10, replies were within 30 minutes, if there wasn't a reply then the issue was already fixed. Had a DDoS on the node I was on around midnight, Ryan was up and on the issue before I even got a ticket in to him (I was up late working on the VPS and noticied probably within a minute of the DDoS happening).
Uptime: To date, 100% uptime of the node (with the exception of the DDoS, which was dealt with within 20 minutes).
Performance: WOW! Ryan and the guys at Aquarius sure know how to build a VPS node! Nothing but praise for the service I'm getting. Fairly certain they aren't overloading their nodes either as they have had plenty of time to pack my node to the fullest since I've had service with them, and it still performs just as it did when I bought it, heck its better! Orignal unixbench results were in the 220's, one I ran this morning reported 370 :)
Overall: Ryan knows his stuff and the support is above excellent. If you're looking for a professional host, look no further! Personally, I'll be upgrading to the a6 package as soon as I have a need.

Cirtex 03-11-2009 05:20 PM

Glad to hear you're happy with them. Keep us posted in the future with any updates.

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