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Prolime Servers 06-17-2008 12:17 AM

Another Name Of Gems >> Logic Support
Hello all
today im feeling proud to write a review about Logicsupport.com

like 2 months back i was pretty new to this web hosting industry

and i was facing tons of problem in setting up my server, for start i joined

another well known server management company but unfortuneately i left

them because they cant fullfill my expectation and their work is not upto that

level which i expected.after then i cam to know abt logic support , just by

posting in their thread i got one of their reps in my Msn.like we discussed

everything for 2,3 days and finally they gave my such a deal which i cant

  • Kernal Upgrades & Custom Firewall Install
  • Includes Phase III Security Software Installs and Hardening - [More]
  • Includes Advances 24/7 Monitoring & Response Service - [More]
  • Includes Weekly Security and System Audits - [More]
  • Includes 3 Free hours of additional System Administration
  • Trouble shooting of all basic server problems
  • Update and patch all server software
  • Installation of any supported OS software upon request
  • Prices are per server, per month. Savings of over 50% if ordered separately!
and everything in just 59$ :o

after then they stared working on my server they did all top notch work
  • Installed level 3 security
  • optimized my server for better performance
  • Helped alot on solving Cpanel issues
  • Migrated My Server From Another data center
once i had issue with my server lke my cpanel password getting reset

automatically.in this case their admin himself took the control and helped me

and worked like continuously for 24 + hour to solve this issue

When ever i open a ticket i got replied in hardly 10 - 15 min

and normally they solve all my issues in 30 to 60 min maximum ,

i never had any problrem with then and its being real pleasure to be with them

i dont have words to explain how great and top quality service these guys

provide in such Low rates, After Joining them My Server Runs smooth and i don't

have a single second downtime, when ever i had some issue they suddenly

inform me via email or Via phone. These Guys are simply master

Once again i would like to thanks Logic Support For Providing Such A Mind

Blowing service.

i will surely recommend everyone to join logicsupport

these guys are real gems . if you want real peace of mind and what your server

to be run smooth and fine when you sleeping then Try once . Im can assure

you wont regret

Link - www.logicsupport.com :agree:

Manageandsupport_com 06-17-2008 03:27 AM

Thank you for sharing your positive review with the community. With which server management company were you before you joined logicsupport that you have described in your post?

Prolime Servers 06-17-2008 03:40 AM


Originally Posted by Manageandsupport_com (Post 5167374)
Thank you for sharing your positive review with the community. With which server management company were you before you joined logicsupport that you have described in your post?

i dont want to create dispute in this thread by telling their name , but i respect them they did their work , its just i don't like because they were bit rude and people with attitude :)

so i request everyone lets talk about logicsupport here :agree:
these guys rock

MrNiceGuy 06-19-2008 02:14 PM

Another satisfied client of LogicSupport, so far.

My server was being handled by another Management provider earlier for lower cost. But then after we faced continuous problems with downtimes, high server loads etc decided to move to logicsupport, seeing their reputation on this very forum. They have solved all problems in about 10 days, and have been highly responsive to any support requests. I recommend them, if you're really serious about your business.

tobaria 06-19-2008 10:25 PM

To Prolime Host
What plan did u take? and how much time do Logic support takes to restart a service that is down ?


fluentd 06-24-2008 02:25 PM

Been using Logic for a bit over a month and have had great service along with quick response time for everything! Changed to them and wont bother looking back. Thanks guys!

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